Annual Programme 2020

Exhibitions and events

Half a year after taking office, museum director Sabine Mücke and her team present their first programme for 2020. In addition to two exciting exhibitions, which concentrate on the museum’s collection and on the National Socialist period in Ravensburg, numerous events and educational programmes for children and young people are planned.
In order to enable dialogue with visitors, shorter lunch break tours have been added to the programme, but that is not all: The glass-roofed inner courtyard in the midst of the medieval quarter is a marvellous place in summer to experience culture and history in any weather, inviting guests to spend some time and relax, or have a coffee in the Humpis Gaststätte.
On that note, the museum’s management warmly invites you to visit Museum Humpis-Quartier regularly and keep a close eye on the latest developments, ideas and offers.

"I would love to see sporadic visitors become regular users (ideally with an annual pass!), who sometimes pop in for a short tour or a coffee break, and at other times come to visit an exhibition with friends or attend an evening event. The museum aims to be a stimulating and exciting place where encounters with history, the shaping of the present, and the possibilities for the future can be considered and discussed together.”

This year – and in the coming year – the temporary exhibition programme will focus on the modern and contemporary history of the city, as well as on the thematic area "Material culture – legacy – responsibility".
Here Museum Humpis-Quartier addresses an issue that is currently topical in the museum landscape and in social discourse in general, examining the history and origin of its own collection, and with it the history of the institution itself.

The exhibition "The Life of Things – An exhibition about collecting" is dedicated completely to items that are usually hidden away in the museum’s depository.
The Museum Humpis-Quartier collection contains around 10,000 individual items, groups of objects, and bundles of exhibits. The spectrum ranges from artworks, items of furnishing, tools, everyday implements and devotional pictures to baking forms, stove tiles and matchbox holders.
Various different display concepts leave visitors with a tangible impression, allowing them to stroll, for instance, through a sample depository and thus gain an insight into the history of the museum and the collection, which goes back as far as the 19th century. They can learn all about the activities and tasks that a museum must fulfil in order to collect and preserve items.

With the exhibition "Persecution and Ostracism – The Ravensburg Sinti during the National Socialist period" in autumn 2020, Museum Humpis-Quartier will for the first time devote its attention to the National Socialist era, and examines the treatment of the city’s difficult historical legacy.
The explicit focus will be placed on the history and the fate of the Ravensburg Sinti.
This focus of the exhibition is deliberate, since the development of an exhibition concept on this topic for a wider audience is not only long overdue, but now also necessary, not least because of the latest research results by Dr. Esther Sattig. Around 100 Sinti were forcibly interned in the so-called “Gypsy Camp” at Ummenwinkel. At least 35 of them were deported via Stuttgart to Auschwitz-Birkenau on 13 March 1943.

Prior to each exhibition, a special introduction will be offered to all interested teachers from the region, at which – following a tour of the exhibition – the accompanying programme, educational services, and work materials for groups and school classes will be presented.

Educational services and workshops
The services on offer for children and school classes is being strengthened with the addition of newly-conceived workshops tailored to each of the exhibitions.
A new format for children and schools was already introduced in autumn 2019, on the occasion of the exhibition "inszeniert!", and this format will continue into 2020: In combination with a tour through the exhibition there will be a workshop dealing with topics in the exhibition in a practical and creative manner.
The workshop programme starts as early as mid-March, with the "Digital Laboratory". In keeping with the topic of the upcoming exhibition "The Life of Things", participants occupy themselves with original historical objects from the museum’s collection. These might be curiosities, old tools or everyday objects that are no longer known or used today, right up to small sculptures. On six consecutive dates, the objects are first described, researched and questioned. The task then is to digitally present and communicate the objects and the information discovered about them.
The goal of the project is to introduce children to the fundamental activities of museum work and allow them to participate actively in creating an exhibition. The digital laboratory is organised in cooperation with the Kapuziner Kreativzentrum, and is run by the media educationalist Nikita Anders.

Tours and events
The historical architectural tour "Workshop. Tower. Museum." will begin in spring 2020, concentrating on the architectural measures and extensive alterations that turned the simple workshop of a leather craftsman into the opulent premises of the Humpis family of traders, and the rustic Hindelang guesthouse into the present-day museum.
A half-hour lunchtime tour will be given at midday on the first Tuesday of every month from May to October.

New tour times
The times of the public tours were changed and extended at the beginning of the year. In addition to the public tours of each of the temporary exhibitions, there will continue to be tours through the permanent exhibitions "Life in Ravensburg", the gallery on the "Swabian Children", and a family tour. Public tours take place every Thursday at 6 p.m., Saturdays at 2 p.m., and Sundays at 3 p.m.

International Museum Day
International Museum Day will take place on 17 May under the motto "The Museum for All – Museums for Diversity and Inclusion". The museum will use this day as an opportunity to check its own exhibitions for barriers that may be encountered by the visually-impaired. On this day, and with the help of simulation glasses, visitors who are not visually impaired can learn just how complicated a museum visit can be. A panel discussion will examine how obstacles can be removed in exhibitions and historical buildings, in order to allow everyone to access them.

Long Night of the Museum Quarter
For the eighth time, the four museums of the Museum Quarter will welcome all Ravensburg night owls on 14 August. Together with the Ravensburg Museum of Economics, the Ravensburger Museum and Ravensburg Art Museum, Museum Humpis-Quartier will put on a colourful programme with music, a guided tour by the director, and numerous other attractions.

Humpis Monday Forum
2020 marks the third year of the Humpis Monday Forum, and in its fifth semester this year it will present eight talks on the topic of "China – Unknown World (Power)". The series starts on 11 May with the journalist and China expert Kai Strittmatter, who will talk about “The Reinvention of Dictatorship — How China is building a digital surveillance state and thus challenging us” and discuss the issue with subscribers to the Monday Forum. Other talks in the spring semester will include those on the role of Chinese women in the state, society and family, the so-called “New Silk Road”, and also the current efforts to achieve greater democracy.
In autumn 2020 the Humpis Monday Forum will address the multifaceted topic of "Legacy", examining various different aspects such as cultural heritage, patrimony, inherited collections, and difficult legacies, such as the culture of memory.

Annual programme Museum Humpis-Quartier 2020

Temporary exhibitions

"The Life of Things. An exhibition about collecting"
3 April to 16 August 2020
Launch: 2 April, 7 p.m.

"Persecution and Ostracism. The Ravensburg Sinti during the National Socialist period"
2 October 2020 to 7 March 2021
Launch: 1 October, 7 p.m.


International Museum Day
"The Museum for All – Museums for Diversity and Inclusion"
17 May 2020

Long Night of the Museum Quarter
14 August 2020, 7 p.m. to midnight
Open Monument Day 

"Monument as a Chance: Remembering. Preserving. Rethinking."
13 September 2020

Humpis Monday Forum

"China – Unknown World (Power)", 5th semester
8 talks, 11 May to 13 July

"Legacy", 6th semester
8 talks, 21 September to 23 November

Public tours

Thursdays, 6 p.m.
Saturdays, 2 p.m.
Sundays, 3 p.m.

Admission prices

Exhibition period with temporary exhibition: 7 Euro, 5 Euro reduced
Exhibition period without temporary exhibition: 5 Euro, 3 Euro reduced
Annual pass: 18 Euro for 12 months

Sponsors and patrons:
Kreissparkasse Ravensburg, Museumsgesellschaft Ravensburg e.V., Landesbank Baden-Württemberg Foundation


Poster - The Life of Things
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Glass carafe & drinking glasses
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A view of the depository
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Marienplatz, 1933
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